Rules and Regulations

Admissions are open from Pre-Nursery onwards for children who completed 3 years 6 months (3 1/2 years) on 1st April of the academic year.
The Procedure:
Application forms will be made available at the school office for a period which will be notified on the school notice board. The registration forms should be written to the office duly filled by a specified date notified on the Notice Board and follow the instructions of the office. The registration form should be submitted along with:

  1. An attested copy of Date of Birth Certificate Form
  2. Nagar Mahapalika
  3. The Maternity Hospital
  4. Baptism Certificate (for Christians)
  5. latest passport-size photographs

Other Classes
Generally no admissions are taken to other classes as children from lower classes are promoted to the respective higher classes.
However, if some vacancies arise due to withdrawals, opportunity is provided for those who seek admission to other classes.

The Procedure:

  • A written application on a plain paper accompanied by an attested copy of the final exam report card of the school last attended should be deposited in the school office by hand/post.
  • Vacancies, if any, will be notified on the Notice Board.
  • Only those who apply for those classes which have vacancies will then be asked to appear for the Entrance Test.
  • The Principal reserves the right to refuse admissions to anybody at any time without assigning any reason for this action.
  • No admission will be done unless a T.C. from a recognized school is submitted. Those coming from outside the District should have their T.C. countersigned by the competent Education Authority of that place. In no case shall the child be considered to a class higher than the one stated in the Transfer Certificate. The Principal has the right to say on what condition he or she will admit.
  • The important condition for admission is that the parents/guardians comply strictly with the school rules and regulations and cooperate with the school for the welfare of the institution, give sufficient time and care for their wards.
  • The date of birth of a student once entered in the school record will not be changed. The parents/guardians will have to sign an undertaking to this effect.


  • A month’s notice for withdrawal must be given in writing, duly acknowledged, to the office, or a month’s fee must be paid before the withdrawal of a candidate. Generally, it takes a week’s time after submitting the withdrawal to issue the T.C.
  • Every application for T.C. should be made in writing on the prescribed form obtainable from the office by parent/guardians.
  • No T.C. will be granted unless all school dues have been cleared and ‘NO DUES CERTIFICATE’ is obtained from the fee counter, librarian, laboratory-in-charge, etc.

Attendance, Leave & Absence:

  • A minimum attendance of 75% of the working days is required for promotion. Students should come in time for the general assembly. Late comers are liable to be sent home.
  • No students should leave the school premises during the school hours without the written permission of the Principal, which is granted on the written request of the parents.
  • No leave of absence for the whole day or a part is granted except for serious reasons and only on the previous written application of the parents/guardians.
  • A student who is irregular to the classes due to feasts, marriage celebrations, trips, visits to relations and places and frequent latecomers will be asked to discontinue.
  • Except for duly approved reasons, extension of vacations is not permitted. Students who extend their holidays after vacation without sanction will have their names struck off the rolls, and vacancies, if any, will be filled with fresh applicants.
  • Applications for medical leave for more than 3 days should be obtained by a medical certificate by a doctor who is an MBBS. If this leave continues for more than 7 days, the Principal must be contacted.
  • All leave applications should bear the signature of the parent or in his/her absence, of the guardian. Failure to bring such an application for leave makes the student liable to be sent home.
  • A student who is absent from the class continuously for 10 days or more without the leave sanctioned by the Principal may have his or her name struck off the rolls without any notice. If re-admitted, he/she will have to pay the full admission and other fees for the period of such actions.
  • All leave applications should be forwarded to the Principal before going on leave and not after joining the school. Leave has to be sanctioned by the Principal.

Examination and Promotion Rules:

  • On examination days no student is allowed to enter the examination hall or classroom before the general assembly.
  • No leave other than medical leave is sanctioned during the examination period, provided a medical certificate from such a medical authority as will satisfy the Principal is submitted on the day the student is absent so that appropriate entries may be made in the school records.
  • Any other leave applied for and taken during the examinations will be at the risk of the parents and will not be taken into consideration in determining promotion.
  • In any case, a medical certificate is not a guarantee for granting promotion. If a student falls sick for the whole examination, he should have the required pass marks from the other examinations held during the year.
  • Examinations will not be anticipated for individual students. Examinations once missed will not be conducted again for any reason.
  • Candidates will be disqualified if they are detected in giving or obtaining or attempting to give or obtain unfair assistance at examinations or if they have in their position while in the examination hall or classroom, any book, memorandum, or pocketbook, notes or paper, except the question paper of the current exam. Unused answer sheets must be submitted to the staff-invigilators.
  • Final results once decided will not be re-considered. All cases of doubt regarding promotion are left entirely to the discretion of the principal. Parents must not approach for re-consideration of the result. In no case shall a student be promoted on trial.
  • Parents/Guardians must sign the report card when it is sent for and return it on the last day.
  • The school does not undertake to retain answer scripts for more than 7 days after distributing the report cards.
  • Promotion to the higher classes is based on the annual aggregate that takes the whole year’s performance through tests and examinations.
  • If some parents feel that justice is not being done to their ward in scrutinizing the answer-scripts, the same can be brought to the notice of the Principal. At his sole discretion, he may have the answer-scripts re- checked for a stipulated fee.
  • The evaluation of answer scripts and other works done by the students during the examination is within the domestic jurisdiction of the school and therefore, no outside person or authority has jurisdiction to check, scrutinize or evaluate the answer scripts or other work done by the students.